Hello world!

Welcome to Finn Cafe!

Site was first acquired and created as a simple html site for Finn Cafe, a bar and restaurant located at 4641 Broadway Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44127.  Unfortunately, Finn Cafe closed and the web site is no longer needed for the business.

On the other hand, the new site shall be a collection of bar site themes and configurations to  help bar owner’s figure out what kind of bar Internet site they wish to use for their own bar!

Prior to 01 August 2018 site history: http://finncafe.com/history


As of 01 August 2018:

Naked WordPress – A live example of a raw, basic, uncluttered, bare bones, WordPress Installation.


WordPress is not just a blog anymore! WordPress is now considered to be a main stream customer relationship management system, capable of handing almost all of your Internet site activities.

Naked WordPress exists to show you a very basic set up of WordPress, without anything else installed into the environment.

The only purpose is to show you a basic WP installation before any custom changes are made to create your own site!

Careful though, error checking on this site may not be fully activated…yet!

Have a nice day!