Hello world!

Welcome to my naked WordPress blog!

When WordPress is installed, it creates this Hello world as the first post and the post contains: 

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!


Also when installed, WordPress adds a comment and of course their web site as part of the comment author details. Perfectly acceptable, since it is their blog. When clicking on the comment author (in this case WordPress) you end up leaving this site completely, but you can use your browser’s back button to come back here. 

Technically a site visitor should never be siphoned away from your site but since this is naked wordpress, it is acceptable, until it is changed or deleted by blog owner. 

Also when installed:
( in the case of this unnamed vendor install)

WordPress installs three themes. Twenty Seventeen, Twenty Sixteen and Twenty Fifteen.

WordPress adds at least two plugins
Askimet Anti-Spam and Hello Dolly

Any additional themes, plugins or custom installs (or suggestions) provided by your specific hosting vendor may also need to reviewed, to decide if you need it, during the process of streamlining and optimizing your WordPress site for your business.

So, in conclusion, in order for WordPress to be more naked than as installed, you would need to strip off any unnecessary themes, plugins and vendor add-ons, if possible.

Also FYI…(If you are not planning on using Emoticons or Emoji’s, you may wish to disable their use, either in the core WP files or by adding a plugin to disable Emoji’s.)


Doing so, will give you a nice clean blog environment, that you should back up or clone before using it to build your site.


WordPress will also want you to create and identify where your site privacy policy is (probably due to recent GDPR or General Data Protection Requirements enacted by the EU or European Union), so it will display a picture like this in Admin area. You will need to comply and create a Privacy Policy….with the new site privacy tools in WordPress

New Site Privacy Tool In WordPress


By default, WordPress will also create revisions of your posts and retain those revisions for retrieval, if you want to go back! But if you want to just move forward ( and back up your data), you may also install a plugin to delete revisions.

Phew, well so much for naked wordpress!!!


All kidding aside, this site was a bar site for Finn Cafe, but has been abandoned since Finn Cafe closed.

Well now, the site shall become something new, like a bar site to  help bar owner’s figure out what kind of bar Internet site they wish to purchase for their own bar site! But more on that later!.

In the mean time, you can check site history right here:


Careful though, error checking on this site may not be fully activated…yet!

Have a nice day!

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